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Eilat Virtual Tours - Human Slingshot - Full HD Panoramic image
Eilat Virtual Tours - The Human Slingshot Eilat:
Eilat travelers can enjoy this Human Slingshot that can shoot 2 persons to the sky. The ride is similar to a bungee jump, except that two separate bungee cords are used, and the jumper (rider) starts on the ground. The ride keeps most of the thrilling sensations of bungee jumping, but reduces or eliminates many of the dangers, including hitting the ground, swinging into a tower, and getting tangled in the cords. A rider is strapped into the carrier that is secured to the ground with a release mechanism. The two springs are stretched with a tensioning mechanism. The release mechanism is triggered by the operator, and the rider is shot up into the air. The strapped-in rider bounces up and down about four times before being lowered to the ground.

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